A new person

Talk together

Nadine and her friend, Andreas, read this Bible story together.


Nadine is 9 and lives in Germany.


Nadine did not understand and asked: “Why did all of them die?”



Andreas replied: “Paul is talking of the people who live with Jesus. He describes once more, what it means, when you start to believe in God. Although God made mankind, no one can live in the presence of  God. Because everyone lives in a way, God cannot accept. We do things, that are wrong. The Bible calls those things “guilt” or “sin”. When Jesus died on the cross, he didn’t do this for himself but for all mankind. He was punished for all the wrong things that people do. Everyone who believes that, has almost died on the cross together with Jesus. Such a person says: The death of Jesus has happened for me. Jesus was punished for my sin. Now I can live in the presence of God. That’s why Paul writes: Because Jesus died on the cross, we all died on the cross. Now we belong to God.”

(Translated from German)

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