58 A story by Jesus

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Matthew 13:9.

At the time of writing, the record for the largest pumpkin in the world was 1,810.5 pounds (lb) or 821.228 kilograms; it was set in Wisconsin in 2010. A single pumpkin seed would fit on the ball of your finger. Find out if that record has been beaten by the time you read this. Check in a recent book of records or research online.

Have you ever tried planting seeds? How did you get on? Did anything grow? How big was the plant that you grew? Was it much larger than the seed you started with?

What else starts off small but grows and grows until it is much bigger? Can you invent an experiment to show how this happens?


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The story so far…

It’s not easy to explain in words something as amazing as God’s kingdom, so Jesus used word-pictures to show what it is like. God’s kingdom will grow and spread – and being part of it is the best thing ever.

Now read Matthew 13:31–33,40–46 together.


What happened next…

In another of his word-pictures, Jesus described a net of fish. The good fish are kept by the fishermen but the bad fish are thrown away. In this story, Jesus was saying that not everyone would be part of God’s kingdom.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 78 together.


Did you know…?

Mustard seed Black mustard was grown to flavour food and for oil. The seeds are small but can grow into a tree nearly 5 metres high.

Yeast This is mixed with flour and water or oil to make bread. The bread dough is mixed up and then left for a while in a warm place. As the yeast works with the water and starch in the flour, it gives off a gas that gets trapped within the dough, making the dough expand or “rise”.

Growing in God’s kingdom Jesus told these stories about the tree growing from a tiny seed and the bread dough “rising”, as word-pictures of how God’s kingdom grows from small beginnings. With your Bible Coach, explore what God might want in specific areas of your life and the lives of those you know.

Being in God’s kingdom God’s kingdom lasts for ever. It can’t be lost or stolen or broken – and it is a reality now, even though it’s not complete yet. Jesus announced it and it will happen, even if we can’t see it where we are now. It becomes more real as evil is replaced by good. We can all have a part in this kingdom as we choose good over evil and


Try it out

See if Jesus’ word-pictures work as ways to show how something grows larger from small beginnings. Find a recipe for making bread and try it out. Make sure your recipe uses yeast or, if you are using a packet mix, look at the list of ingredients and make sure yeast is included. Watch what happens to your bread dough and try to work out how much larger it gets.

You could try making another batch of bread at the same time but leave out the yeast and compare the two results.

(If you have a food allergy, make sure that you use ingredients that are safe for both of you to eat.)


Talk to God

Ask God to show you what part you have to play in his kingdom.

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