96 A voice and a vision

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Revelation 1:18.

Imagine that an alien has appeared in front of you! What does it see? How will it describe you to the other aliens on the spaceship? Can you help it to know what you are like as a person as well as what you look like and what you are wearing?

What if the alien asks you about Jesus? Can you describe him? Think about everything you know about Jesus and explain it very simply for your alien visitor.

How could you really tell someone else about Jesus? Who do you know whom you would like to tell? How could you do that? Talk about it with your Bible Coach.


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The story so far…

John was probably around 80 years old when he wrote Revelation. He was living on Patmos Island which is just off the coast of the country today called Turkey. It was the time of the Roman Empire and Christians everywhere were being persecuted for their faith. God gave John many visions both to encourage believers and to show that he is in control: Jesus is the King of kings. Here, John writes about his meeting with the risen Jesus.

Now read Revelation 1:9–20 together.


What happened next…

There are lots of special symbols in Revelation. The lampstands in John’s vision represent the seven churches to whom he is writing; the stars are the angels who are watching over the churches. Jesus tells John not to be afraid – he is alive for ever.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 126 together.


Did you know…?

Revelation This book was a message from God to the early church – and it came through a vision to John. John was near the end of his life. It was about AD 80; it wasn’t cool to be a Christian – they could be killed for believing in Jesus. John was imprisoned on an island. One day, when John was worshipping God, Jesus showed him a vision of heaven and the future. He wrote it down to encourage suffering Christians.

John The apostle was writing to seven churches in what is now Turkey. He wrote down what he had seen in a vision about God’s message of hope for his followers, who were suffering because they believed in Jesus.

Jesus is the first and the last He existed from the very beginning and will continue to exist for all time.

Jesus conquered death Jesus’ death was not the end. He is alive in heaven, but he’s also with us, today, by the Holy Spirit – we can hear him speak to us through the Bible and we can talk to him in prayer. We needn’t be afraid. Jesus will always be there.


Try it out

The story of everything.

Everything is really God’s. He made it all and when he did, it was totally good. It was not second rate, not ordinary, not boring – it was perfect! That’s the way everything is in heaven and in every place where God rules. It’s the way it’s meant to be.

How do you think the world measures up to God’s “totally good” plan today?

God is working towards making things perfect again. When Jesus came to earth he announced that: “The kingdom of God is here”. That’s because, wherever Jesus went, he did what God wanted so God could rule in that place. Jesus made sick people well, stopped storms, fed hungry people, raised the dead and encouraged people to be fair, loving and true – the way it is when God rules.

When Jesus died and rose again, he showed that it was possible for perfect goodness to overcome everything, even death. Jesus challenged his followers to work for God’s kingdom and to spread the word that it’s only a matter of time before God’s kingdom comes.

Millions of people all around the world are living for the kingdom. God’s powerful Holy Spirit is helping them. Have you joined up yet?


Talk to God

Remember, you don’t always have to talk to God. You can listen to him, too. It might help to sit quietly; or you could look at beautiful pictures or listen to some music.

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