Welcome to the Big Bible Challenge!

Big Bible Challenge is an exciting new Bible engagement strategy for children aged 7-12 years.

Each young person taking the Big Bible Challenge is invited to connect with another Christian – their ‘Bible Coach’ – for a shared journey through the Bible and life.

Big Bible Challenge equips them to explore 100 Bible stories, discuss issues of faith and discover the big story of the Bible, together with you.

Are you ready to take the challenge? If so, read on…

The Big Bible Challenge has three components:

1 Big Bible Challenge: the book

The 100 Bible readings in the adults’ E100 Challenge are arranged in 20 sections or ‘challenges’, each including five Bible stories.

The Big Bible Challenge book gives you the tools to explore one of those five stories in detail and the other four Bible passages in outline, with extra material available online.

Each challenge begins with a small picture to introduce the story; a set of questions to get you thinking; and a timeline to help you understand where this part of the Bible occurs, within the bigger picture of the whole of the Old or New Testament.

Turn the page to find a slightly larger picture and 10-15 verses from the Bible to read together. To help you set these verses into the wider Bible story, there are helpful paragraphs to explain ‘The story so far…’ and ‘What happened next…’

What will you explore next? The Big Bible Challenge gives you a choice! Opposite the page with the Bible verses, you will now see a varied menu of ways to explore the Bible story.

You can explore more with Explore the Bible; ponder children’s questions about the story at Talk together; learn some facts with Did you know…; Try it out; and Talk to God.

Or you can open out the page to reveal a colour picture that illustrates all five Bible stories in this challenge.

You’ll be able to spot where the small pictures come from – and discover much, much more as you examine the pictures together.

Close up the picture again and turn the folded page over to find four more Bible stories from this challenge. Find where these occur on the big picture, answer the questions together and go to Downloads for old or New Testament stories on this site to find out more.

 2 Big Bible Challenge: online for Bible Coaches

As you are already reading this online material, you will already know where to find it and what’s available to download.

But, in case you haven’t looked all around the site yet, www.bigbiblechallenge.com is the place to find:

  • An introduction to the Big Bible Challenge: all about the challenge and about being a Bible Coach: Bible coaching
  • How the Big Bible Challenge works: expert tips and ideas for making the most of the Challenge – and making the most of the opportunities that exploring the Bible together can offer: Bible coaching
  • Taking the Big Bible Challenge together, in 20 challenges: further ideas and more detail, building on what you are discovering in the Big Bible Challenge book. Each challenge gives you background to the Bible stories; suggestions for taking the challenge together; creative prayer activities; things to wonder about together and questions and answers to discuss. Downloads Old Testament and Downloads New Testament.

 Being a Bible Coach and joining a child, as they meet with God and explore the Bible, is a privilege – but it can be scary too! The online material for Bible Coaches is here to give you added confidence and assurance, helping you to engage in conversation with the child, promote reflection and share discoveries from the five readings in each challenge. The information on this site will help you, as Bible Coach, to make the most of each of these conversations and the relationship established with your child.

 3 Big Bible Challenge: online for children

As you go through the Big Bible Challenge book, you will find there are further resources online at www.bigbiblechallenge.com Downloads book to extend your exploration of the story. These might be a full-size template for a craft activity, a map, or maybe an interview to read. And you’ll find bonus material online too!

Big Bible Challenge: the 100 Bible stories

1 God makes the world  
The first people Genesis 2:15–22
The fall Genesis 3:1–13
The flood Genesis 6:17 – 7:5
God’s promise to Noah Genesis 9:8–17
The Tower of Babel Genesis 11:1–9
2 God’s family  
Time to leave Genesis 12:1–9
God’s promise to Abram Genesis 15:1–7
Keeping the promise Genesis 21:1–8
Not alone Genesis 28:10–16
Becoming friends Genesis 33:1–11
3 Good out of bad  
Sold! Genesis 37:17b–28
Prison and a promotion Genesis 41:14–16,28–39
The brothers meet again Genesis 42:1–8
Back to Egypt Genesis 43:1–14
Reunion Genesis 45:1–15
4 Moses  
Moses is born Exodus 2:1–10
God speaks to Moses Exodus 3:1–10
No escape! Exodus 11
Free to go! Exodus 12:21–28,50,51
Over the sea Exodus 14:15–29
5 God’s people  
Rules from God Exodus 20:2–8,12–17
The golden calf Exodus 32:1–14
Joshua, the leader Joshua 1:1–11
Crossing the Jordan Joshua 3:9–17
The fall of Jericho Joshua 6:6–20
6 God’s heroes  
God’s people disobey Judges 2:11–19
Deborah Judges 4:4–16
Gideon Judges 7:7–21
Samson Judges 16:23–30
Ruth Ruth 2:1–12
7 God’s nation  
Samuel listens to God 1 Samuel 3:1–10
King Saul 1 Samuel 9:15 – 10:1
David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17:41–50
David and Saul 1 Samuel 24:1–12
King David 2 Samuel 7:1–13
8 Trouble!  
David is sorry 2 Samuel 12:1b–13a
Solomon is wise 1 Kings 3:16–28
Solomon’s Temple 1 Kings 8:17–30
Elijah and the prophets 1 Kings 18:30–39
The fall of Jerusalem 2 Kings 25:1–11
9 Songs and sayings  
The good shepherd Psalm 23
Please forgive me! Psalm 51:1–13
Praise the Lord! Psalm 103:1–14
Being wise Proverbs 3:1–8
God’s way Proverbs 16:1–9
10 God’s messengers  
Isaiah Isaiah 53:1–12
Jeremiah Jeremiah 1:4–10
Daniel Daniel 6:11–23
Jonah Jonah 1:15–17; 3:1–10
Malachi Malachi 3:1,13–18 – 4:2
11 Jesus, God’s Son  
One of us John 1:1–14
Believe the impossible Luke 1:26–38
Good news! Luke 2:8–20
Get ready Luke 3:2b–16
Know your enemy Matthew 4:1–11
12 What Jesus said  
What to do Matthew 5:3–16
How to pray Matthew 6:5–15
A story by Jesus Matthew 13:31–33,40–46
The good Samaritan Luke 10:25–37
Lost and found Luke 15:1–10
13 What Jesus did  
Jesus feeds a crowd Luke 9:10–20
Jesus walks on water Matthew 14:22–33
A man can see John 9:1–11
A man is well Mark 5:1–13
Lazarus is alive John 11:38–44
14 God’s great plan  
The Last Supper Luke 22:14–23
Jesus on trial John 18:28–40
Jesus dies John 19:16–30
Jesus lives John 20:11–20
Jesus goes to heaven Acts 1:1–11
15 The first Christians  
Holy Spirit Day Acts 2:1–13
Peter helps a man Acts 3:1–10
Stephen Acts 6:8–15
Good news about Jesus Acts 8:26–40
Good news for everyone Acts 10:23b–33
16 Good news for everyone  
Saul meets Jesus Acts 9:1–12
Telling the good news Acts 14:8–22
Reporting back Acts 15:4–16
Travelling and teaching Acts 16:6–15
Shipwrecked! Acts 27:20–26,39–44
17 Belonging to God  
God works for good Romans 8:28–39
God’s Spirit Galatians 5:22–26
God’s armour Ephesians 6:10–17
Be glad! Philippians 4:4–9
Don’t give up! Colossians 1:21–23a
18 Living God’s way  
Leading the church 1 Timothy 3:1–13
Belonging to God 1 Timothy 6:11–19
Working for God 2 Timothy 2:14–26
God’s Word 2 Timothy 3:10–17
Being ready 1 Thessalonians 5:1–11
19 Following Jesus  
God’s love 1 Corinthians 13:1–13
A new person 2 Corinthians 5:14–21
Come to Jesus 1 Peter 2:1–10
Believe it: do it! James 2:14–26
Love one another 1 John 4:7–21
20 With God, always  
A voice and a vision Revelation 1:9–20
Dear Church, love from Jesus Revelation 3:10–22
Who’s in charge? Revelation 7:9–17
Hip, hip, hurray! Revelation 19:5–10
The New beginning Revelation 21:1–7


  • Esther Follis

    I wanted to know if God is so powerful (Which he is) why can he not destroy Satan and end suffering now?
    Esther age 9
    P.S. my sister (age 7) and I really like the way the book is made into a modren version of the Bible with pictures and activities.

    • A Emore

      Well even if he destroyed Satan Esther sin in inherent in the ways of Human beings. As long as we have teh choice to choose whether to do one thing or another. we would have the choice to do a right thing or a wrong thing. Satan was initially an Powerful Angel of God who had free will and disobeyed God.

      So although you are always taught that satan in the reason for sin remember the garden of Eden and that Adam and Eve had a choice.

      hope this helps.

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