14 Back to Egypt

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Genesis 43:14a.

If you feel hungry, what do you do? Whom can you ask for something to eat or where would you look to find food?

When you run out of food at home, what happens? Does someone go to the shops or do you grow food in a garden? Do you sometimes go to friends or to a restaurant for a meal? Or do you have a takeaway?

What if you could not do any of those things – and there was no food to be found or bought? What would you do then?


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The story so far…

Joseph’s brothers returned home to Canaan and told their father, Jacob, what had happened. The Egyptian governor (Joseph, though they had no idea it was him) had told them they would have to bring Benjamin with them when they came back for more food. But Jacob refused to let Benjamin go.

Now read Genesis 43:1–14 together.


What happened next…

The brothers, with young Benjamin, went back to Egypt. This time, the Egyptian governor treated them kindly and gave them dinner at his own house. When he saw his young brother Benjamin, Joseph found it hard to hide his feelings. They all ate the meal, with Joseph, the Egyptians and the brothers sitting at separate tables – and still the brothers had no idea who Joseph was!


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 24 together.


Did you know…?

Sacks of money Joseph’s brothers carried silver to pay for the grain they were buying. The money was not coins, just lumps of metal. It was weighed to see how much it was worth.

Benjamin He was Jacob’s youngest son and had been a young boy when Joseph first went to Egypt. He and Joseph were sons of Rachel, who was Jacob’s favourite wife. Rachel had died when Benjamin was born.

Judah Judah’s story shows how he changes. He is the one who has the idea of selling Joseph as a slave – not out of sympathy for his younger brother’s plight but because it would bring them money. Later in the story, he is the one who offers to become a slave for life, in return for Joseph releasing Benjamin. Joseph is not the only one that has changed over the years!


Try it out

Joseph’s brothers did not recognise him: he was older and dressed as an important Egyptian official. Have fun making yourself look like an ancient Egyptian!

To make Egyptian-style hair, use a circle or long strip of black crêpe paper cut into a long fringe. Tape the paper to fit around your head, with the front fringe trimmed shorter (so you can see out!).






To make a headdress, like the one Joseph is wearing in the picture in the Big Bible Challenge book, you will need a large sheet of paper at least 60 x 30 cm, scissors, blue and yellow paint.

 Cut the paper into this shape








Paint it in blue and yellow stripes:








 You may need an extra piece of paper to make sure the band is long enough to fit around your head. When the paint is dry, fit it round your head, like this:














Talk to God

Think about the things that have happened in your life. Can you see how God is bringing good out of bad?

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