94 Believe it, do it!

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from James 2:17.

What would you think of someone who says they are your best friend but never shares their sweets with you or lets you play with their toys?

It’s not enough just to say kind things. What else do you have to do?

Have you ever said to someone, “You look tired.”? What could you do?

Have you ever said, “You missed a lot of lessons when you were off school.”? What could you do?

Can you think of something you could say and do, today, for someone else?


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The letter so far…

James has a very practical message. We grow in our faith when things get difficult. Our faith must be shown by how we live. We’re not to treat some people as better than others. We’re to love others as much as we love ourselves. James encourages us not only to hear God, but to obey him.

 Now read James 2:14–26 together.


What happened next…

James encourages us not only to hear God, but to obey him. He goes on to say that living like this will need self-control; we’ll need to make sure we stay close to God. James finishes by encouraging his readers to be patient and to keep praying – for themselves and others. 


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 120 together.


Did you know…?

James It is not certain who “James” was. He may have been the brother of Jesus who became one of the leaders of the first Christian church in Jerusalem.

Who to? The letter is not written to one single church but to all Christians throughout the world.

Writing materials The letters in the New Testament were written on papyrus, leather or animal skin made into parchment. This was rolled into a scroll and could be made longer by adding on extra lengths of material.


Try it out

How many kind things can you do in a week? You don’t need to climb a mountain or run a marathon – just little, ordinary, everyday things can show your kindness to others. Around the home, you could clear some space in your bedroom, clean the hamster cage or do your chores without being asked; at school, you could clean the paintbrushes or put the chairs away neatly. What you say can be kind too – thank the person who cooked your meal; thank the driver when you get off the bus; tell your friend a joke to cheer them up when they are down. See how good you become at spotting kind things to do and say – and doing them, quietly and without showing off about it.

Why not set yourself a target? Could you manage seven things in one week (one a day)? If you find it easy to do that, keep it going for another week… and another… and another… until you don’t even need to think about it or keep count.


Talk to God

“Lord, help me to serve you all my life and to be a faithful friend to you, just as you are a faithful friend to me.”

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