Big Bible Challenge Book wins Children’s Book of the Year!

And the winner is… Big Bible Challenge

Book of the year award

We’re delighted to announce that Big Bible Challenge book was declared Children’s Book of the Year at Christian Resources Together 2012.

The Big Bible Challenge book is colourful and interactive with 20 fold-out pages of stunning illustrations which helps children explore 100 Bible stories and discover the big story of the Bible.

If you don’t already have a copy, don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on this award-winning book before stocks sell out!

Big Bible Challenge is available in the UK, the USA and Australia.

Big Bible Challenge in USA

Scripture Union USA has news about Big Bible Challenge here…

What next?

The international team who created ‘Big Bible Challenge’ are meeting later this week in France (Alsace; June 10-12th) to review the past year’s work and plan for the future. What message would you like to send to the team?

New ‘Talk together’ for God speaks to Moses

There’s a new question and answer about God speaking to Moses in ‘Talk together: Old Testament’. See what Lauren and her dad Nick talked about; and what Tracey talked about with her daughter, Amy.

Looking for children’s questions and answers?

Go to ‘Talk together Old Testament’ or ‘Talk together New Testament’.

About half the 100 stories already have children’s questions and their Bible coaches’ answers. How would you have answered those questions? Post your own answer, too. And what questions does your child ask when read these Bible stories? Post their questions and your answers and share them with others taking the challenge.

The other 50 or so stories are waiting for a first child’s question and adult’s answer. Be the first to post – and encourage others to join in!

Website is live!

Big Bible Challenge website is now live! Have a look around the site for extra resources, information on being a Bible coach and much more!

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