93 Come to Jesus

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from 1 Peter 2:10.

 Do you like making models with plastic bricks or other construction kits? What is the largest model that you have made? What is the most complicated design you have used?

When you are making a model, how do you keep the pieces together? What stops them all falling apart?

Have you looked at a wall made of bricks or stones? The builders lay one row of bricks; then they make sure the next row of bricks overlaps the joins on the first row. Why do you think they build like that? Why not just pile the bricks up in straight towers?


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The letter so far…

Peter had been one of Jesus’ first disciples. He was the one who walked on the sea to Jesus – and the one who denied knowing Jesus when he was arrested. But after the resurrection, Peter had spoken bravely about Jesus to other people. He was one of the leaders of the church in Jerusalem and his letters are written to the Christians who had spread out from there. Here, he reminds them what Jesus has done for them. He says they must be ready to suffer themselves for their faith. He encourages them to keep on living for God and loving him with all their hearts.

Now read 1 Peter 2:1–10 together.


What happened next…

Living as a Christian can be hard when it means being different from other people. Peter knew that – and encourages Jesus’ followers not to give up. Others do see the good things we do. Most important of all, God sees what we do. However hard it gets, we’re safe with Jesus.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 120 together.


Did you know…?

Peter He was one of Jesus’ 12 friends and was the first to tell others about Jesus. Find out more in Big Bible Challenge 15

1 Peter In the New Testament there are two letters of Peter.. This one was written to Christians who were being treated unfairly because they believed in Jesus. They were living in the country we now know as Turkey.

Cornerstone In a building, a cornerstone is the first stone to be put in place and all other stones are fitted to it: so it is very important.


Try it out

Do you sometimes feel a bit unsure about God? It’s not how we feel, but what God says that counts. Jesus is always there for us. Look at Matthew 28:20 and see what he promises.

Being a Christian is all about whom we trust, not about how good we are. Read how Paul explains this in Romans 10:9.

We all have tough times. God does not promise to take those tough times away. He does promise to help us through them. Look at more of 1 Peter and see how Peter encouraged people who were suffering and being persecuted. When you feel unsure of God or it all seems too hard, talk to him and trust his promises.


Talk to God

“Lord God, help me to get to know you better. Help me to learn to follow you more closely. And help me discover how good it is to have you in my life.”

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