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  • Beth

    Hi There, just wanted to encourage you regarding the drawn interpretation of Jesus. Its nice to see a race appropriate version for starters!! its also nice to see Jesus protrayed and a srong vibrant young man who looks like he could and would save the world, as opposed to the weak looking, simpering version we see so much. I know Jesus was capable of being infinitely gentle but he also was capable of committing to dying on the cross and that takes a man of strength. Your pictures certainly make him look more accessable and real.
    Thanks!! here’s praying that others find him an accessable hero too!

  • Thanks, Beth: we will make sure that Matt Baker, the leading illustrator, and his colleague Daryl Peninton know what you’ve said.
    Matt worked long and hard to achieve exactly what you say he has achieved – so it’s great to hear that it’s worked for you!
    maggie (editorial team)

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