24 Crossing the Jordan

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Joshua 4:24.

How many Bible stories can you think of where amazing things happen?

Did you remember Challenge 4 where God made a dry path through the sea? That was a big miracle that God did; but many little things that happen every day are amazing too – such as a little seed that grows into a flower. What other “little miracles” can you see in your life?

If you wanted to remember one of those things, what would you do to remind yourself? Write a note? Ask someone to remind you? Take a picture? How do you think God might tell people to remember what he does?


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The story so far…

Joshua was Israel’s new leader. Just as Moses had led God’s people across the Red Sea and out of Egypt, now Joshua would lead them across the river Jordan into the “Promised Land”. When the people saw their priests carrying the chest that contained God’s laws (sometimes called “the Ark of the Covenant”), they were to get ready to cross the river. As the priests went ahead, God told Joshua that he was going to do amazing things for his people. He promised Joshua that he would be with him just as he had been with Moses.

Now read Joshua 3:9–17 together.


What happened next…

After everyone had crossed over the river, God told Joshua to ask 12 men, a man from each of Israel’s 12 tribes, to pick up a stone from the middle of the river. The priests were still standing there, so the water hadn’t started flowing again. The rocks were used to build a monument that was to remind the people and their descendants of what God had done for them.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 36 together.


Did you know…?

Joshua This name means “God is salvation”. As you take the Big Bible Challenge, look out for another man with a name that means the same thing.

Carrying poles The covenant box or sacred chest was so holy that no one was allowed to touch it. To carry it from place to place, the priests slid long poles through rings on the box and then carried the poles with the box hanging but not being held.

River Jordan To reach the land that God had promised his people, they had to cross the river. God stopped the river flowing so they could cross on dry land. It was 40 years since the same thing happened at the Red Sea when the people left Egypt.

Try it out

The people of God made a pile of stones to remind them that God had helped them cross the river and enter the new land that he had promised to them.

Here’s a way for you to remember good things about God.

1 Find a length of string and some large beads or pasta that can be threaded. 2 Start to think of all the things you know about God. It might be stories about him, what he is like, things he has done, prayers he has answered. Each time you think of something, add a bead to your string.

3 Tie the ends of the string together and hang the beads somewhere where you will see it and be reminded of God.


Talk to God

“Thank you, God, for your miracles – big and small. Help me not to miss any amazing things that you give or show to me.”

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