36 David is sorry

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from 2 Samuel 11:27b.

Have you ever wanted something you shouldn’t or couldn’t have?

Did you behave badly because you wanted that thing so much?

Is that how God wants us to live?


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The story so far…

God had chosen David to be king, even though he knew David was not perfect. But David was successful as king – and he started to think that he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted. He did some things that were wrong – to God and to other people.

One of these things was making another man’s wife his own, and arranging for her husband to die in battle. God sent Nathan, a prophet, to David. Nathan told him a story so that David could realise how serious his sins were. 

Now read 2 Samuel 12:1b–13a together.


 What happened next…

God revealed to David that he had broken his rules. David had tried to hide his sins – from people and from God. Now he admitted what he had done wrong and was very sorry. God forgave him but what David had done could not be undone. There were sad consequences: David’s baby son died and there were many problems in his family, as other sons grew up and did not behave well.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 54 together.



Did you know…?

Bathsheba David wanted to make a beautiful woman called Bathsheba his wife. She was already married and David arranged for her husband, Uriah, to be killed in battle.

Wives In those days it was quite common for rich men to have more than one wife. This is called “polygamy”.

Troubles David is remembered as Israel’s greatest king but the rest of his reign was not always happy. His son Absalom rebelled against him and tried to become king himself. David eventually chose Solomon to be the next king.

Try it out

David is famous for writing songs or “psalms”. He wrote Psalm 51 after the prophet Nathan had visited him and told him that God knew about what he had done wrong. In the psalm, David tells God that he knows he has done wrong and asks God to forgive him and to help him start again.


You will be looking at Psalm 51 in Challenge 9 but, for now, ask someone to read it aloud to you – and listen to David’s words and the way in which he talks to God. He is honest; he says sorry – and he knows that God is listening to him and will answer.

If you were writing a psalm today, what would you say to God?

(Why not write it down or say it now?)



Talk to God

Say sorry to God for times when you have not obeyed him or when you have done what you wanted to do, even when you knew it was wrong. Then say “Thank you” to God because he will forgive you when you ask him to.

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