34 David and Saul

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from 1 Samuel 24:11b.

Do you find it easy to think about other people and put them first?

When someone is unkind to us, it’s natural to want to be unkind back. But what if we did the opposite?

Think of someone you don’t get on with. What do you think they would do if, when they were unkind to you, you were kind to them?


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The story so far…

Saul became king and, at first, he was successful in conquering the enemies. But the success turned his head and heart so that he thought he was the only clever and wise one. Saul’s son Jonathan had a very good friend: David. David was an ordinary boy who looked after his father’s sheep. Because of Saul’s sins, God chose David to be the next king, not Jonathan or one of his brothers. Normally the sons inherited the throne after their father.

When David won the battle against Goliath, Saul became envious and he tried to kill David. David escaped but, for many months, Saul chased after him, wanting to harm him.

Now read 1 Samuel 24:1–12 together.

What happened next…

After this, Saul understood that David really had spared his life and that David would be the next king. David promised Saul that he would not take revenge on Saul’s sons when Saul was dead. (Kings often did that to get rid of all their competitors.)

David could have taken revenge – but he chose not to! That was because he trusted what God had said to him about his own future.


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Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 48 together.


Did you know…?

Weapons This was the Iron Age and swords, daggers, shields and spears were made from iron. There were no blacksmiths in Israel and the soldiers had to go to their Philistine enemies to get their weapons sharpened or mended!

David the outlaw King Saul became jealous of David who had to escape. He led a band of outlaws, living in the desert and always on the run from Saul and his army.

Saul’s death David did not harm Saul but he was later killed in a battle. David was so upset when he heard that he tore his clothes, cried and would not eat. He wrote a song in which he says Saul was a “famous hero” and a “mighty warrior”. You can read about it in 2 Samuel 1.


Try it out

Imagine that you are David and you are being interviewed for the TV news. Ask your Bible Coach to be the interviewer.

How would you answer these questions?:

  • How did you feel when you were on the run from Saul?
  • Could Samuel have made a mistake when he anointed you as the next king?
  • What choices did you have to make when you were in the cave and Saul came in?
  • Why didn’t you kill Saul?
  • How did you know what was the right thing to do?
  • How did God help you?

Stop being David now and take it in turns to ask each other these questions:

  • How does God help us to make the right choices?
  • Can you think of a time when God helped you to choose the right thing to do, even though it wasn’t easy?


Talk to God

Does anyone make you feel angry, jealous or afraid? Talk with God about why and how they make you feel this way. Ask God to help you not to treat them badly. 

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