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Challenge 1 Try it out –  Rainbow template

Challenge 4 Try it out – Door hanger template

Challenge 6 Did you know…  Map

Challenge 7 Did you know…  Map 2

Challenge 10 Try it out – Daniel     The lions   Darius    Angel

Challenge 13 Try it out – Real-life adventurer

Challenge 15 Try it out – Helicopter template

Challenge 20 Try it out – Decorated alphabet


Here are black and white versions of the illustrations from the book, which you can print out for colouring in. Click on the thumbnail to get the full size version.

  • Buz Nielsen

    I attend Shartel Church of God in OKC, OK. Last Fall our Pastors bought a number of the E-100 and Big Bible resources for the congregation. I teach the 4, 5, & 6 Sunday School class. After looking at your Big Bible series I asked the Pastor to suspend our usual package of SS lessons so that we could use this as our weekly lesson for class. We have moved thru (2) lessons now and I have a couple of questions:
    Do you have the Index of the stories with the Bible verses listed? I want to make an Excel sheet for the kids names and be able to check off their reading progress.
    It hit me last night that, for this age group, I need an incentive to keep them going – some goal or prize for sticking with it and Finishing the series. Do you have any thoughts for this? I know that the prize beyond worth and the treasure that they can or will receive is eternal life thru Christ. At this age that may be hard to grasp.
    Nice job on the series – the concept of reading thru the Bible is something that will (hopefully & prayerfully) stay with the kids for a lifetime.

  • Buz,
    Sorry to have kept you waiting so long for a reply.
    There is a list of all the Bible passages under the ‘About’ heading on the home page of this site.

    Great idea to encourage the children to keep going and giving them extra encouragement along the way. I know some groups have charts on the wall to mark progress (though this needs to be done sensitively as not all children can work at the same pace or have support from others to help them keep going). Regular mini-rewards always go well – the old favourites of stickers and little gifts like notebooks and pencils with Christian messages always seem popular. How about marking significant milestones with a significant gift or event: a Bible or other Christian book; or a party for your group to celebrate taking the challenge?

    Regular incentives will help the children maintain their focus but it can be startling and have extra impact to celebrate in one of these ways more randomly – ‘hey, we’ve reached the seventh reading – let’s celebrate it!’

    Do let us know what you try and how it goes.

    from Maggie, Big Bible Challenge team

  • how to download all this books??? pls help,,,,

    • Hi, the book isn’t availbale to download, but can be bought from the links on the front page, depending on what country you are in.

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