28 Gideon

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Judges 7:20b.

What would you wear or carry with you to protect you from the rain on a stormy day?

What would you do or wear to protect you from harmful rays on a sunny day?

What would you wear, carry or do to protect you against a strong and powerful enemy army?!


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The story so far…

Neighbouring groups of people were giving God’s people a hard time. Most of them thought that God had abandoned them, but God had not! To help them, God had challenged a man called Gideon. But Gideon was not brave at all. He gave a lot of excuses for not doing what God asked from him. He was so afraid that he even asked God for a sign – he asked for something extraordinary to happen – to prove that God was serious. God knew Gideon needed many assurances and he gave Gideon several signs to make him believe in God and to give him the courage to do what God wanted.

Now read Judges 7:7–21 together


What happened next…

Gideon and his people had to trust an invisible God. That was not easy. But imagine the big surprise that this strange victory was to them all! As almost always when something great happens, some people became envious rather than happy. In Judges 8, Gideon does not keep to God’s way and takes revenge on his enemies. Even if Gideon was a kind of “saviour” for God’s people, he was a man, and some of what he did was not good. But he was able to lead God’s people, and they had peace in their country for the rest of his lifetime.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 42 together.


Did you know…?

Midianites For seven years, the Midianites had been attacking the Israelites. They were cruel and fierce and the Israelites had to harvest their crops secretly so that they did not steal everything.

Trumpets Each of Gideon’s soldiers carried a trumpet called a shofar. It was made from the curly horn of a sheep or goat.

Torches The torches were made from sticks wrapped in cloth that had been soaked in oil and then set alight.

Gideon’s army Gideon started out with a large army of 32,000 men. God wanted them to know that it was his power that defeated the Midianites, so he told Gideon to send most of the men home. Gideon went into the battle with 300 men!


Try it out

Pretend that you are one of the soldiers in Gideon’s army. Somehow, although they are not going to be invented for several thousand years, you have got hold of a mobile phone and are sending text messages to your friends at home. Remember each message can be a maximum of 140 characters long – but you have no limit on the number of texts you send today!

You can start off feeling confident: you are one of 32,000 soldiers. But then Gideon sends 22,000 back home because they are afraid (Judges 7:3). In verse 6, the army goes down to just 300 soldiers (and you are one of them).

Continue with the Bible story and make sure that your friends at home know what has happened, how and why.


Talk to God

Ask God to make you brave when you need to stand up for what is right and need help to live his way.

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