81 God works for good

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Romans 8:31.

Do you sometimes pick teams at school, perhaps for sport or group work? Whom do you pick – the tallest, the fastest, the strongest, the cleverest, your friends?

Imagine everyone else is on one team – and you are the only one on the other side. How do you feel when you are all alone facing the opposition?

Now imagine that God has come and joined your team. What is it like when you know God is on your side?


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The letter so far…

Paul starts his letters with a special greeting to his readers; we read almost nothing about Paul himself. Then he goes straight to his matters.

Many people rejected and were suspicious of the new faith: Christianity. They tried hard to stop it. A lot of those who believed in Christ were persecuted and faced hard times because of their faith in him. Sometimes, this made them think that God had abandoned them.

Now read Romans 8:28–39 together.


What happened next…

Paul had preached about Jesus to people of different nationalities and everywhere this message was well received – except by the Jews. Paul is not angry because people reject the message about Jesus, but he is very sad. But God assures him that this will change – in God’s time the Jews, too, will accept God’s love in Jesus Christ.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 108 together.


Did you know…?

Romans This was a letter written by Paul to the church in Rome. When he wrote it, he had never been to the city, although he knew the names of many of the people there.

Writing Writing letters is something that would be done by a slave or servant. Paul would say what he wanted written down and someone else would do the writing. Look at Romans 16:22 and see who wrote this letter down for Paul.

Paul’s message In this letter Paul explains the good news about Jesus. Everyone has done wrong; no one is perfect: so we all need God to save us. When Jesus died and God brought him back to life, he made that possible. Salvation is God’s free gift to us: all we have to do is say “yes”.


Try it out

Romans 8:38–39 are great verses! They tell us that “nothing can separate us from God’s love”! Wow!

Paul lists four ways that might separate us from God – but stresses that even these things are not strong enough to keep God’s love from us:

  • “not life or death”
  • “not angels or spirits”
  • “not the present or the future”
  • “not powers above or powers below”  (Romans 8:38,39 CEV)

Find a large sheet of paper and some art materials. Illustrate the verse using painting, drawing, clippings from magazines or poetry.

Thank God that nothing can separate us from him.


Talk to God

Ask God to help you give your life to him.

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