26 God’s people disobey

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Judges 2:11.

Do you ever make a bargain with someone: “Let me have a go on your skateboard and I’ll lend you my bicycle”, or, “If you let me stay up late, I promise I’ll keep my room tidy”? Do you always keep your part of the deal?

“God, if you help me now, I’ll do anything you want!” Have you ever made a promise to God like that?

What happens after God helps and the problem is over?


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The story so far…

The people of God had been on the move for 40 years, travelling to the new home that God had told them about. They finally entered the Promised Land, but they had no king or president who could lead them and tell them how to live together. Almost everyone did whatever they wanted. There was chaos – and God had to help them. He started by giving them leaders who were called “judges”. These people were not always so brave, but they had to do very brave things, as they acted differently from all the other people.

Now read Judges 2:11–19 together


What happened next…

God had been patient with his people for so long! He had helped them with their problems, and they had promised to be good. But they did not keep their promises and, in the end, God stopped helping. That was not because he had stopped loving them, but because he did love them. It was a way of teaching them that there were consequences to their actions: they had chosen to neglect the agreement that they had made with God. The neighbouring people became enemies. When God’s people drifted away from him, he sometimes used their enemies to make them realise that they really did need him.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 42 together.


Did you know…?

“Judge” This is the title given to leaders of the Israelites between the time of Joshua and the first king, Saul. There was not a judge all the time. God provided a judge to lead the people, when they asked for his help.

Obeying God Although they were now living in the land that God had promised to them, the Israelites began to forget God and all that he had done for them.

Bad times There was violence and evil; the people began to worship other gods; and they were beaten in battle by their enemies. When they called to God to help them, he did – but they soon forgot about him again.


Try it out

If we don’t remember God by praying and trying to live God’s way, other things will take his place in our life and, before we know it, there will be no time for God. Here are ways in which some people try to remember:

  • Some people have a set time to pray and read their Bible. When that time comes around, they know exactly what to do. The clock reminds them.
  • Some people let the things that they do remind them to pray to God: they pray before they eat;, when they get into a car; when they exercise; when they put their head on the pillow.
  • Some people find that the natural world can be a reminder of God. They enjoy being outdoors and being part of God’s creation or looking at photographs of the amazing world that God has created.
  • Some people surround themselves with reminder notes on the mirror, under the pillow, on the fridge, in their pencil case, on the TV, and on their computer screensaver so they can’t forget God.

Would one of these ideas work for you?


Talk to God

“Help me, God, to serve you in everything that I do and not forget about you.”

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