46 Isaiah

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Isaiah 52:7.

Have you ever got the blame for something you didn’t do?

Have you ever taken the blame like this on purpose?

Now imagine that you have done wrong and someone else chooses to take the blame and gets punished instead of you? No one made them do this – but they did it anyway. What would that be like?


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The story so far…

During the reigns of the kings of Judah and Israel, God’s messengers – or “prophets” – warned people to turn away from their sinful living and return to God. If they didn’t, they would be taken into exile by their enemies. This is Isaiah’s message in the first part of his book. But in the second part, his messages are for the people living in exile in Babylonia. Here, God’s words brought hope for the future: they would return to their own land, and Isaiah also told them about the coming great leader – the Messiah – who would save his people.

Now read Isaiah 53:1–12 together.


What happened next…

Many people believe that these words are about Jesus. Can you see how they might be about his suffering and death? (Find out more in Challenge 14.) Isaiah’s words teach us how God’s special servant would take the punishment for our sins. It’s amazing to think that these words were written around 800 years before Jesus!


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Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 66 together.


Did you know…?

Isaiah This prophet came from a wealthy and important family. He was worshipping one day in the Temple when God asked him to be his messenger: a “prophet”.

The Servant Isaiah talked about someone he called the Servant of the Lord. Isaiah says the Servant will be badly treated and killed because of the bad things people have done. Christians believe that this Servant is Jesus.

Exile God’s people were not living his way and were being threatened by their enemies. Isaiah spoke about what he could see going on and tried to warn the people that they would be sent away from their own land and taken to another country as exiles.


Try it out

Isaiah’s prophecy about God’s Servant was spoken and written down on a scroll. Make your own “newspaper” so you can share messages about God, just as Isaiah did.

Have a look at a newspaper and see what it looks like. There is a large title across the top of the page, often in unusual writing. The page is divided into columns. Each article or short section has a headline in large letters and then information or a story in smaller writing. Often there are photographs; sometimes there are advertisements.

Think of some Bible events to write about in your newspaper. You could take an idea from Isaiah and look forward to the coming of Jesus and write about his life. Or pick some of the Bible stories and people you have met while taking the Big Bible Challenge.

You can make your newspaper by using a computer, designing your layout on screen and moving in words and pictures. Or you can use large sheets of paper and stick on pictures and stories that you have written.

Invite your Bible Coach or other friends to help you so that your newspaper is extra-exciting and varied.


Talk to God

“Thank you, God, that the Bible reveals the truth about you.”

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