68 Jesus dies

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from John 19:30.

 Think about what you have been finding out about Jesus. Can you remember a story about him healing a man? What wonderful things did he say and do? What are the best things Jesus did?

Would you expect a person like this to be made fun of, tortured and killed? 

Have you ever seen a film about Jesus dying? What was the worst bit?


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The story so far…

Pilate spoke to the crowd and told them that he did not find Jesus guilty of doing anything wrong. He wanted to set Jesus free but the crowd kept shouting out that they wanted him killed.

Now read John 19:16–30 together.


What happened next…

Jesus’ friend Joseph got permission to bury Jesus. He took the dead body from the cross. With help from another friend, Nicodemus, Jesus’ body was wrapped in cloth and put into a cave-tomb in a garden. A large stone was put over the opening to the tomb. It seemed like the end of everything. But was it?


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 90 together.


Did you know…?

The cross Being nailed to a cross (crucifixion) was a terrible way to die. The person carried the crossbar and was nailed to it; then they were hoisted up as the crossbar was fixed to an upright post. It could take several days to die in this way.

King of the Jews Pilate insisted that this sign was put on the cross above Jesus’ head. It was written in three languages (Aramaic, Latin and Greek) so that everyone could read it.

Sponge and wine or vinegar Cheap wine was given to those being crucified to help ease the pain.


Try it out

Often we do what we want instead of what God wants. This is called “sin”. Sin separates us from God. No matter how hard we try, we can’t get rid of sin. Someone has to be punished for the wrong we have done. Only one person can deal with sin – Jesus!

When Jesus died on the cross he was being punished for our sins. Because he came back to life again, he made it possible for people who follow him to be close to God. Jesus gets rid of our sin for us.

If we turn away from our sin and say sorry to God, he will forgive us so that we can be with him for ever. This is a free gift from Jesus. We can’t earn it or pay for it – but we can accept it.

When we choose Jesus, and ask for forgiveness God forgets our sins from the past and gives us a fresh start. And then the adventure of following Jesus really begins. You may want to talk more about this with your Bible Coach or a friend at church.


Talk to God

Be quiet and think about how much Jesus gave up for you. Then say your own prayer of thanks.

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