29 Samson

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Judges 13:5

Do you know who the leader of your country is?

What other sorts of leaders can you think of?

What makes a good leader?


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The story so far …

Samson is the last of the 12 judges we read about in the book of Judges. He was a Nazirite, and had to live according to certain rules that God had set. Among these rules was one that said he must not cut his hair. God made Samson very strong – almost like a superman – and the longer his hair was, the stronger he became! His enemies did not know what made him strong, and they spied on him. Samson revealed his secret to a woman called Delilah – and she told his enemies! She cut his hair, he lost his strength and he was put in prison for a long time. 

Now read Judges 16:23–30 together


What happened next…

Samson died, together with those who had mocked the living God. When his family heard about what had happened, they brought him back to their place and buried him.

Once again, with no strong leader, God’s people did whatever they wanted to do. They went against the will of God; they did not want to believe that God was the only true God and they worshipped statues of wood, metal or stone instead. Because God still cared for his people, he had a plan for what to do next…


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 42 together.


Did you know…?

Chosen An angel told Samson’s parents exactly what was going to happen: they would have a baby boy who “will belong to God from the day he is born” (Judges 13:3–5).

Nazirite Samson was a “Nazirite”. Nazirites did not cut their hair, drink beer or wine or eat certain foods. The length of Samson’s hair was a sign of his dedication to God.

Strong man Samson was famous for his great strength and was known (and feared) as a warrior. When his hair was cut off, his strength disappeared!


Try it out

God made Samson physically strong. Are you strong in this way?

There are different ways of being strong. What other ways can you think of?

Some people are strong and brave even when they are in pain. Are you strong in this way?

Some people are strong and dependable, always doing what they have said they will. Are you strong in this way?

Are you strong for God?

What about your Bible Coach? How are they strong?

Are they strong for God?

Thank God for the ways he has made both of you strong.


Talk to God

Ask God to help you to follow his ways and to use your time and skills for him, not just for yourself.

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