35 King David

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from 2 Samuel 7:16.

What can you think of that lasts for the shortest time?

What can you think of that lasts for ever?

How long do you think “for ever” is?


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The story so far…

Saul’s story has a sad ending. The man who started as a prophet turned away from the living God, and he even went to see a witch to get to know what to do. God did not speak to him any more. Saul died whilst fighting a great battle and three of his sons died with him.

After this, David went to different parts of the country to be approved as king by the people, and he was successful. David brought the Covenant Box, the symbol of God’s presence, to Jerusalem, where he wanted to build a temple for the living God.

Now read 2 Samuel 7:1–13 together.


What happened next…

It was perhaps not easy for David to accept that God rejected his building plans. But he did not protest and praised God for his greatness instead. David was very happy that God promised to help him in being a good king. After this, the people were united against their enemies, and David was a successful king for many years.

David did a great job and was an important king for Israel. When the Old Testament prophets tell about the future kingdom and the Saviour King, Jesus, they promise that he will be a descendant of David. 


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 48 together.


Did you know…?

Twice a king When Saul died, David was made king of part of the country, at a place called Hebron in the southern area of Judah. Later, the rest of the country asked him to be their king too.

Jerusalem David made Jerusalem the capital city of the country. He arranged to have the Covenant Box brought to the city and also built himself a palace. Jerusalem is sometimes called the “city of David”.

Temple David wanted to build a temple in Jerusalem where people could worship God. God did not allow him to do this, but said that David’s son would build one.

Try it out

God “blessed” David (God made him happy) when he told him that someone from his family would be king for ever. Anything that helps us to trust God more is likely to make us happy. Why is that? It’s because what blesses us most is God. Can you think of an example when you have been “blessed” by God? Did it make you happy?

Make a “blessing box”. Find a small box and decorate it with colourful paper or stickers. Collect large buttons, beads, marbles or anything similar. Start to think of things to say “thank you” to God about. Each time you think of something, put one of your objects in the box and say how God has made you happy (“blessed” you).

If you can think of more “thank yous”, tip the objects out and start again!


Talk to God

Ask God to help you remember him and all that he does for you.

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