65 Lazarus is alive

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from John 11:25.

What have you found out so far about Jesus? What sort of things could he do that other people cannot do?

If you had lived in Jesus’ time, do you think you would have been one of his followers? Why, or why not?

Suppose someone asked you today, “Are you a follower of Jesus?” What would you say?


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The story so far…

Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary were good friends of Jesus. One day Lazarus became ill. Jesus was not there and he did not go to their house until it was too late: Lazarus had died. If only Jesus had been there, thought Martha and Mary, Lazarus would still be alive. When Jesus arrived, everyone was crying and Jesus started crying too.

Now read John 11:38–44 together.


What happened next…

Many people believed in Jesus but the Jewish leaders wanted to stop him. They met together and made plans to put Jesus to death.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 84 together.


Did you know…?

Martha and Mary These sisters lived in Bethany, a village near Jerusalem. Jesus and his friends had visited them for meals and stayed with them, so Jesus knew their brother, Lazarus, well.

Bad smell In hot countries, dead bodies begin to decay very quickly. Martha knew that her brother had been dead for four days, so his body would have started to rot and it would have become very smelly!

Back to life Lazarus is one of three people whom Jesus brought back to life. There was also the daughter of a man called Jairus and the son of a woman who lived in a village called Nain.


Try it out

Make a pop-up card.

You will need a copy of the Template for pop-up card. You may be able to print them onto card from your computer; or you can print them onto paper and then stick the paper on card; or copy them carefully by hand. You will also need scissors, glue and a Bible.

Follow the instructions to make a pop-up card showing the day Lazarus came back to life.

  • Cut out the square along the bold outline.
  • Fold in half along the dashes and again along the dotted line.
  • Cut and fold the central section so that it stands out.
  • Cut out the Lazarus strip.
  • Loop and glue it around the central section, so it can be rotated.
  • On the front, write down what you think the two sisters are saying to Jesus.
  • In the middle, write down the words of Jesus in John 11:40: “Didn’t I tell you that if you had faith, you would see the glory of God?”


Use your pop-up card to tell the story of Lazarus to your family and friends.

When Lazarus came back to life, his sisters and friends could see him. When Christians go to heaven, we can’t see them any more. Why does the story of Lazarus make it easier for us to believe that God’s people can live for ever? Talk about it with your Bible Coach.


Talk to God

There are children who need help and we cannot always do anything directly to help them. But we can always ask God to help them – and he promises to hear our prayers.


Hold a piece of soft, warm fabric or snuggle into a blanket or quilt. Talk to God about children who need his help and ask him to keep them safe.

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