60 Lost and found

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Luke 15:7.

Everybody loves a good story! Where do you enjoy stories? In books? In movies? When someone tells the story?

What are your favourite stories?

What stories in books or TV programmes have you enjoyed recently? What have you learned about life from the story?


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The story so far…

Jesus bothered about people whom others did not care about. So he made a point of meeting poor people, those who were disliked by others because of the work they did and people with nasty diseases. Those people were very happy to have Jesus as a friend. But others did not think it was right for a man who talked about God to spend time with them.

Now read Luke 15:1–10 together.


What happened next…

Jesus told a third story about something that was lost. This time it was a son who left home but his father never gave up hoping he would return. Read the story in Luke 15:11–32.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 78 together.


Did you know…?

Being lost There was only one lost sheep and one lost coin; and there were 99 sheep and 9 coins that were not lost. God is always looking to restore those who have gone away.

Who matters to Jesus? Jesus was known as a friend of “tax collectors and sinners”. He loved being with people that “good” people thought weren’t worth worrying about. Why? It was because God loves them and wants them to be part of his kingdom.

Pharisees These men were very religious Jews who were experts in God’s law. They thought that they knew exactly how God wanted people to behave. They thought that it was dreadful that Jesus, who claimed to know God, could spend time with people who were so “bad”.


Try it out

Make up your own mini drama of one of these stories. You could tell the story from the point of view of one of the sheep or coins. What would the lost sheep have been thinking? What would one of the coins that wasn’t lost be doing?

Or you could base your play around the main human character: the shepherd or the woman. The Bible story tells you what they did – but what were they saying and feeling? Imagine what the weather was like, what time of day it was and so on.

What about writing a sketch from the point of view of one of the people who was listening? Jesus’ friends, his 12 disciples, were there; but also tax collectors, people who did not live good lives, religious and legal leaders were there. They would all “hear” the story in different ways. Jesus says that God’s angels are happy when one person who is lost turns to God. That news would be good news for those who were thought to be “sinners” but it would not please the religious leaders who were proud of not being lost themselves.

When you have created your drama, decide what to do with it. You could get together with friends or brothers and sisters and perform the play for your family. Or make some puppets (or use toys you already have) and set up a puppet theatre (drape a table or chairs with a blanket and crouch behind it, holding the puppets up to perform).


Talk to God

If we want to be with God and have asked him to forgive us for doing our own thing, he’s right there with us, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Imagine being the sheep or the coin and God coming to find you.

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