50 Malachi

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Malachi 4:2.

Have you ever had anyone come to stay at your house?

What preparations did you make?

What would you do if you knew Jesus was coming?


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The story so far…

Malachi was a prophet in the time after some of the people of Judah had returned from captivity and gone back to Jerusalem. In spite of all they had been through, many of them were still not living in God’s ways. Malachi’s message was especially for the religious leaders of the day who had led people away from God. Malachi told the people that God was tired of their lack of love for him. He wouldn’t let things carry on like this.

Now read Malachi 3:1; 3:18 – 4:2 together.


What happened next…

For everyone, there would be judgement. For those who did wrong, there would be punishment; but for everyone who stayed true to God, there would be a good future. Malachi encourages his listeners to remember all God’s laws that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

All of God’s messengers had hard things to say, but the good news of Jesus is coming soon…


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 66 together.


Did you know…?

Malachi The name Malachi means “my messenger”.

Date The book of Malachi was probably written about 450 years before the time of Jesus. God’s people had returned from Babylon to Jerusalem but things were not going well. They had forgotten about following God and were no longer even trying to obey him.


Try it out

Make a bookmark to remind you about Malachi 3:16 and how God “had their names written as a reminder in his book.”

  • Find a piece of plain cardboard, cut a rectangle about 5 cm by 20 cm and write your name on it in bold clear writing.
  • Decorate the bookmark with photos of yourself and other people who are important to you (remember to ask permission first, before you cut them up!); draw or stick on pictures of things you like or your hobbies.
  • Try to make the bookmark show who you are and what you are like.
  • To make the bookmark last longer, you could cover the card with transparent sticky-backed cellophane or use a laminator.
  • Punch a hole in one of the narrow ends and loop through a length of coloured narrow ribbon or plaited threads.
  • Use the bookmark to keep your place in your Big Bible Challenge book or with your Bible.

You could make a bookmark for your Bible Coach, too.


Talk to God

“Thank you, God, that you do not forget those who trust you.”

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