16 Moses is born

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Exodus 2:10b.

Do you know someone who has a baby or have you been to a shop that sells baby equipment? Or perhaps you have a younger brother or sister – what is it like having a baby around?

What sort of things would you use to keep a baby safe?

If you were trying to hide a baby, what would you do? What sort of problems would you have?


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The story so far…

Many years had passed since Joseph’s family went to Egypt. Now there was a new Pharaoh who made God’s people, the Hebrews, his slaves. They had to work hard for him all day, every day. Although they were useful slaves, the Pharaoh was worried that they might take over his land, so he made a horrible new law that said all Hebrew baby boys must be killed by throwing them into the river!

Now read Exodus 2:1–10 together.


What happened next…

Moses went to live in the royal palace. One day, when he was grown-up, he saw one of the Hebrew slaves being beaten by an Egyptian. Moses went to stop him – but killed the Egyptian. Moses was afraid he would be killed when the Pharaoh found out so he ran away.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 30 together.


Did you know…?

Papyrus The word “paper” comes from “papyrus”, which is a sort of long grass. The soft inner part of the grass can be beaten and rolled into flat sheets and used like paper. The Egyptians used sheets of papyrus for writing and drawing pictures. Papyrus can also be woven to make baskets. Moses’ mother made a basket of papyrus to put him in and then placed it in the River Nile, amongst the high reeds at the water’s edge.

Miriam She was Moses’ older sister and watched her baby brother, Moses, floating in the basket on the river. It was Miriam who suggested to the Egyptian princess that the baby needed a nurse to look after him – and made sure that Moses’ own mother was given the job! Many years later, when the Israelites reached the far side of the Red Sea safely, Miriam led the women singing and dancing.

Slaves About 400 years have passed since Joseph’s family moved to the part of Egypt called Goshen (see Challenge 3, Joseph). They do not own the land and they are no longer free to live as they wish: the Egyptians have made them their slaves and forced the Israelites to work for them.


Try it out

Make baby Moses and a basket to put him in!

You will need: a saucepan, a wooden spoon, a 15 ml measuring spoon, a large bowl


60 g margarine

2 spoons of golden syrup

4 heaped spoons of drinking chocolate powder

Shredded bran or wheat breakfast cereal (about 12 heaped spoons)

Marzipan or fondant icing

If you or your child have a food allergy, make sure you are using ingredients that are safe for both of you to eat.


1 Put the margarine and golden syrup in a saucepan. Melt, over a low heat.

2 Add the drinking chocolate. Stir well. Take the saucepan away from the heat. (Quick method: replace Stages 1–2 by melting chocolate in a bowl, by placing it over a bowl of hot water.)

3 Put the cereal in a bowl. Pour on the chocolate mixture and stir well, to cover all the cereal.

4 Let the mixture cool. Take a few spoonfuls of the mixture and press together to form a basket-shape. Pretend to be Moses’ mother as you make the basket! Leave the basket in a cool place, to set. There will be enough mixture to make at least 4 baskets.

5 Shape a piece of marzipan or fondant icing into a baby. Wrap the baby in another flat piece of marzipan or icing and put him in the basket.







Can you remember why Moses’ mother made the basket? Who looked after Moses and kept him safe?

Talk to God

Tell God about any babies or young children you know. Ask him to keep them safe and well.

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