18 No escape!

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Exodus 11:1a.

Have you ever seen the power of crashing waves or a roaring fire and felt totally powerless yourself?

When you know that something is very, very powerful, what do you say?

What has reminded you of God’s power in the last week? The sea? A fire? A prayer that God answered? Something else?


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The story so far…

Again and again, Moses and Aaron asked the Pharaoh of Egypt to let his Hebrew slaves go free. He said “no”. Again and again, God did amazing (and horrible) things. The river turned to blood; frogs went everywhere – and then died and rotted! The dust turned into nasty biting gnats; flies swarmed; farm animals died of disease. People and animals were covered with boils; there was the worst hailstorm ever; locusts ate all the crops left growing in the fields. The land was in darkness for three days. But the Pharaoh just told Moses: “Get out and stay out!”

Now read Exodus 11 together.


What happened next…

God told Moses and Aaron to get everyone ready to leave Egypt. He told them to have a special meal of roast meat, herbs and bread made without yeast. The Hebrews were to mark their doorways with blood to show where they lived because what Moses had told the Pharaoh was going to happen – the oldest sons in every family and the firstborn males of animals, were going to die!


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 30 together.


Did you know…?

Miracles God gave Moses the power to do three miracles in Egypt. His stick turned into a snake; his hand withered and then became healthy again; water from the river turned to blood. Moses did all these miracles in front of Pharaoh to show him God’s power and to persuade him to let the Israelites go free. When Pharaoh still said “no”, God had another plan.

Plagues When the Pharaoh refused to let the Israelite slaves go, God sent signs or “plagues”. Many of these were natural disasters that happen in Egypt, but God showed his power by deciding when and how they would happen. They were horrific events – but the Pharaoh would not accept the power of God and would not let the slaves go free.

Ten The River Nile turned to blood; frogs; gnats; flies; death of cattle; boils; hail; locusts; darkness; death of all the firstborn sons. With the final plague, Pharaoh agreed to free the slaves. Look at the picture in the Big Bible Challenge on pages 27 and28 and see if you can spot all ten plagues.


Try it out

In this Bible story, the Pharaoh refuses to set God’s people free. God shows his power again and again but the Pharaoh will not change his mind. For God’s people in slavery, it seems as though nothing was going right.

Do you ever have days like that, when it seems as though nothing goes right? Here are some ideas to try in those times.

  • Remind yourself that things won’t be like this for ever. Things do change – you just have to wait until they do.
  • Use the tough times to cry out to God until he answers you. It’s a time when you can learn to trust God more.
  • Find God’s promises in the Bible. Memorise them. Tell God that you’re waiting for him to keep his promise.
  • Talk with your Bible Coach or another friend you can trust. If you don’t have one, ask God and keep asking until he brings you someone.
  • Thank God for the good things. Get into the habit of looking for what God is doing – it’s always good!


Talk to God

Do you have a big problem or something that’s scaring you? God is stronger than the problem. Talk to him about it.

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