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Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from John 1:14.

How do you show other people that you love them?

Can you think of five different ways? Which do you like most?

How do other people show you that they love you?

Can you think of five different ways? Which do you like most?

How does God show his love?

Can you think of one really amazing way?


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The story so far…

Ever since Adam and Eve had disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden (Challenge 1), God had been working out his plan to bring human beings back to himself. In the books of the prophets, the coming of a great Saviour was foretold. In the Gospels we meet him: Jesus, God’s Son, the long-awaited Messiah who brought God’s love and good news – not just for Jews, but for everyone. Here, John, the writer of this Gospel, calls Jesus the “Word” – God is speaking to us through Jesus.

Now read John 1:1–14 together.


What happened next…

Who is Jesus? John has answered the question at the start of his Gospel and then he goes on to show this from Jesus’ life. John explains who Jesus is by reporting what he did and said when he was with other people; he writes about miracles that Jesus did, which showed he was the Son of God; and he records long conversations in which Jesus teaches many important things about who he is and what God sent him to do.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 72 together.


Did you know…?

Who is Jesus? There are many names, titles and “pictures” for Jesus recorded in Challenge 11, starting with the “Word” and “Light”; then in other parts of the challenge, he is called: Christ, Saviour, Immanuel, King, King of the Jews, Son of God. Together they make the claims that Jesus is God (with the Father at the creation of the world); that he is the “Anointed One” whom God had promised; and that he is descended from the most famous and honoured of the kings of Israel and is about to establish for ever God’s kingdom of peace and justice.

Writer John was one of Jesus’ 12 close friends and followers. The book or “Gospel” (good news) of John has a lot of stories that do not appear in the other Gospels.

Date Stories about Jesus were first told aloud. Mark was probably the first written story in about AD 60. The other three Gospels were written 20-30 years later.


Try it out

Ask your Bible Coach or another friend to read the Bible passage to you aloud while you count how many times the word “light” is used.

Make a candle-holder to remind you that Jesus is the “true Light”.

You will need a drinking glass or clean preserves jar (approximately 8 cm tall); glass paints and small brushes; tea-light-style candles; matches and tapers for lighting the candles.

1 Decorate a glass or jar with the glass paints. You could draw patterns, paint simple pictures and write words from the Bible verses.

2 When the paint has dried, place a candle at the bottom of the jar and light it, using a taper for safety.

3 Place the jar on a fireproof surface where it will not get knocked over.

4 Watch the light of the candle shine through your painted patterns – and remember who the Light of the world is. Jesus came as a light, shining in the darkness. Jesus came to show people how to live. If we follow Jesus, he shows us the right direction to take. He is like a light for us.

You could make more candleholders as gifts for your family or friends, to tell them about the light of Jesus.


Talk to God

“God, these words from the Bible are words from you and I want to hear what you’ve got to say. So please help me to listen; and then trust and obey.”

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