43 Praise the Lord!

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Psalm 103:2.

Are your teachers and other grown-ups mean or generous with praise? How often do they say, “Well done!”, “That’s great!” or “Brilliant!” What is it like when they say words of praise to you?

How often do you think to say things like that to your friends and your family? How do they act when you thank them and say good things to them? How does that make you feel?

What about God? Are you mean or generous with your praise to him? Or is it something you haven’t really thought about doing?

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The story so far…

In this song, the writer starts by thinking about how much God has done for him – but soon gets even more excited as he realises how God’s love is for “all who worship him”.

Now read Psalm 103:1–14 together.


What happened next…

The song goes on to invite everyone and everything to come and praise God – angels, all of God’s followers and all of creation!


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 60 together.


Did you know…?

Book of Psalms There are 150 psalms that have been collected into the book of Psalms in the Bible but there are places in other books of the Bible where prayers and psalms in this style are used. Can you and your Bible Coach find any in the Bible?

 Song The word “psalm” means “to be sung to a harp” or “to be played on a string instrument”.

Writer Psalm 103 is one of the songs thought to have been written by David.


Try it out

How many words can you think of to describe God? Make a list of words of thanks and praise.


  • Find lots of different pieces of paper – in different colours and patterns.
  • Make a cardboard template of a hexagon and use it to cut out lots of different paper shapes.
  • Write one of your “God” words on each hexagon.
  • Then line up the shapes carefully so that they fit together. Glue them onto a plain paper background to make a patchwork of praise about God.


Talk to God

Are there verses in the psalm that say what you want to say? Use David’s words as your own words of praise to God.

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