78 Reporting back

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Acts 15:11.

Have you ever had to speak in front of a whole group of people? What did you have to do and say? How did you get chosen for the job?

Did anyone else help you? Did you know there were other people on your team who were supporting you?

Were you asked questions by people in the audience? What was that like? Was it easy or hard to know how to answer?


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The story so far…

Some people started saying non-Jews should follow all the Jewish rules before they became followers of Jesus. Barnabas and Paul did not agree. So they went to Jerusalem to discuss it with the Christian church there.

Now read Acts 15:4–16 together.


What happened next…

The church leaders wrote a letter asking Gentiles in the churches to avoid publicly embarrassing or upsetting their Jewish friends by what they ate or how they behaved. Paul and Barnabas went back to Antioch again and the people there were pleased and encouraged when they heard what the letter said.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 102 together.


Did you know…?

Council of Jerusalem A great meeting of Christians was held to discuss the number of non-Jews (Gentiles) who were becoming followers of Jesus and to try to make it easy for Jewish and Gentile Christians to live together.

James He was one of the brothers of Jesus, who had become a leader of the Christian church in Jerusalem.

What the prophets wrote James quoted verses from Amos 9:11–12 to show that non-Jews could and would come to believe in God.


Try it out

Look again at the Bible passage. If the decision of the council of Jerusalem had been different, who would have been left out of the church? Who could have become Christians? Who could not have become Christians?

Think about your own church or Christian group. Are there some people who would find it difficult to fit in there? What reasons do you think might make it difficult for someone to join in?

Are there any special rules to be kept by people who want to join your group? What are they? Do you think those rules make it easier or harder for new people?

Think of someone you know who does not go to your group or to church. If you asked them along, would they come? How would they be treated by others in the group? Would they want to come again?

What could you do to make new people welcome in your group? Talk with your Bible Coach or group leader about how to make those ideas happen.


Talk to God

Pray for all people who are leaders and who have to make decisions. Ask God to help them go his way and not ignore him.

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