How does the Big Bible Challenge work?

E100 (Essential 100) is a Bible reading program that connects the adult reader with 100 essential readings from God’s Word. You can find out more about E100 for you and your church at www.e100challenge.com

For children and ‘their’ adults, the Big Bible Challenge takes the same 100 parts of the Bible and delivers them in an adventurous and colourful way.

How did you choose the Bible passages?

Big Bible Challenge follows the same 100 readings as Essential 100, in a child-friendly way and using new age-appropriate material.

How can I get hold of a copy of the book?

The book is available from your local Christian bookshop, from online shops or directly from Scripture Union http://www.scriptureunion.org.uk/bigbiblechallenge

How much does it cost?

In the UK, the recommended retail price is £9.99.

What does the book look like?

The book is in full-colour; 128 pages; wire bound, with a spine.

It has 20 fold-out pages of luscious colour illustration by Australian artist Matt Baker.

Is the book anything to do with the 400 year anniversary of the King James Bible?

Yes. It was promoted as an addition to the E100/BibleFresh initiative. If you know a church that is thinking of using E100, they can also use Big Bible Challenge for children (families and groups).

Does it have to be used alongside Essential 100?

No: Big Bible Challenge can be used on its own. The style is flexible enough to be used at home, in church, in school. Ideal for 7-12s but can be used by older and younger too. Children and ‘their’ adults are encouraged and equipped to take the challenge together.

Who has written it?

It has been created by an international partnership of Scripture Union movements and will be used, initially, in UK (English and Welsh [coming later] versions); US, Australia and Germany.

What is a ‘Bible coach’?

Each young person taking the Big Bible Challenge is invited to connect with another Christian – their ‘Bible Coach’ – for a shared journey through the Bible and life. The Bible Coach may act as friend, leader, guide, director, listener, encourager, teacher, arbiter, advisor, counsellor, provider of energy and security, mentor, coach, rewarder and global interpreter. Find out more here.

Who can be a Bible Coach?

A parent, another family member, godparent, older friend, carer, children’s group leader, children’s worker, church leader, teacher, an older High School or university student, someone who gets excited about the Bible, someone who wants others to share that excitement…

You may find the word ‘coach’ rather daunting but what we’re talking about is a person who comes alongside someone, a companion who ‘walks’ with them, lets them tell their story, and helps them with the bits they do not understand, so they find your own answers.

Does the Big Bible Challenge work for families?

The Big Bible Challenge is ideal for children and adults to use together. A parent or any other family member is a natural candidate for the role of Bible Coach, to take the challenge with one or more children. Or how about making the Big Bible Challenge the basis for a shared time with God, with all the family exploring the Bible together? Could you introduce the idea of a family Bible time, maybe once a week, and work through the Big Bible Challenge sections? And if you already spend time together in this way, use the Big Bible Challenge to give you all a greater sense of the big story of God and his people.

Does the Big Bible Challenge work for churches?

Adults in churches all around the world are taking the E100 Challenge, based around 100 carefully selected Bible readings (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament) designed to give participants a good understanding of the overall Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. The ‘E’ stands for Essential and each of the Essential 100 readings ranges from a few verses to a few chapters. As more people become inspired to meet God every day through the Bible, they have started to ask for a parallel product to use with children in church or at home.

If your church is taking the E100 Challenge, then the Big Bible Challenge is a perfect way to help your church-children join in, with the programme adapted to the children’s age and stage of development.

Does the Big Bible Challenge work for Christian groups (such as holidays, schools, midweek clubs)?

The Big Bible Challenge is ideal for children and adults to use together in group situations. This may be in a church where others are taking the E100 Challenge but the Big Bible Challenge works independently, too. It can be used in children’s groups in church and at school; on Sundays or midweek; with adult leaders or in peer-led situations. The Big Bible Challenge is versatile enough to be used face-to-face on holidays or missions – and as follow-up material afterwards. The role of Bible Coach can happen in a face-to-face meeting but also at a distance, with the mentoring relationship maintained through texts, online messaging, telephone, post and emails.

What do I get?

The Big Bible Challenge has three components

1 Big Bible Challenge: the book

The 100 Bible readings in the adults’ E100 Challenge are arranged in 20 sections or ‘challenges’, each including five Bible stories.

The Big Bible Challenge book gives you the tools to explore one of those five stories in detail and the other four Bible passages in outline, with extra material available online.

2 Big Bible Challenge: online for Bible Coaches

Being a Bible Coach and joining a child, as they meet with God and explore the Bible, is a privilege – but it can be scary too! The online material for Bible Coaches is here to give you added confidence and assurance, helping you to engage in conversation with the child, promote reflection and share discoveries from the five readings in each challenge. The information on this site will help you, as Bible Coach, to make the most of each of these conversations and the relationship established with your child.

3 Big Bible Challenge: online for children

As you go through the Big Bible Challenge book, you will find there are further resources online at www.bigbiblechallenge.com to extend your exploration of the story. These might be a full-size template for a craft activity, a map, or maybe an interview to read. And you’ll find bonus material online too!

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