30 Ruth

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Ruth 1:16.

Do you know someone who has done something great?

What have you done that’s great?

Everyone’s life with God is different. What is the greatest thing that God has done for you? Ask someone else this question too.


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The story so far…

Ruth lived in the time of the judges. She was not from Israel, but from the neighbouring country of Moab. Ruth was the wife of a man from Israel who had fled to Moab with his mother, father and brother because of a terrible famine. But while they were in Moab, all the men in this family turned ill and died.

Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi, wanted to return to Israel. She told her daughters-in-law to remain with their families, but Ruth refused; she was convinced that the God of Naomi was the only true God, and she wanted to support Naomi who was growing old.  

Now read Ruth 2:1–12 together.


What happened next…

Boaz took care of Ruth because Ruth had been so faithful to Naomi. It turned out that Boaz was one of the relatives of Naomi’s husband, and he had the right to marry Ruth. He did so, and together they had a son and called him Obed. When Obed grew up, he too married and he and his wife had a son called Jesse. Jesse is not so famous as his youngest son, David, who became the most important king of Israel.

In the New Testament we read that Jesus is a descendant of David – and of Ruth. 


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 42 together.


Did you know…?

Widows If your husband died and you were a widow, or if your parents had died and you were an orphan, you no longer had anyone to look after you or protect you. It was up to other members of your family to take care of you. Although Boaz was not the closest relation that Naomi had, he made sure that she and Ruth were looked after.

Gleaning God had given his people laws to make sure that poor people were helped. At harvest time, the corners of the fields were not to be cut and anything dropped had to be left for poor people to pick up or “glean”.

Barley The barley harvest was the first of the year and happened in spring. The barley was cut with a sharp knife that had a curved blade and a wooden handle; then it was tied into sheaves.

Sandal At this time, giving a sandal was the sign that a sale had been agreed. The person who was selling would take off his sandal and give it to the person who was buying. It was a sign that the item being sold no longer belonged to him. Read Ruth chapter 4 to see what Boaz did.

Try it out

This is a great story about how God provides. Ruth did what she could to look after Naomi; Boaz did what he could to look after them both. God provides so much! What does that tell us about what God is like? The story of Ruth shows us that God is interested in and involved in our lives, and he wants us to be part of his plan for our local area, our country and for the world!

Ask your Bible Coach to help you to find out about someone whom God has used to help other people. This could be a mission partner or someone in your church or school who has helped others; or look for information from an international development charity such as World Vision, www.worldvision.com/

Find out about what they do and why they do it. Look out for clues about God providing: what does he do? Who does it do it for? How does God work through what the mission partner does?

Can you think of some way in which you can help someone else this week? Ask God to help you to do that.


Talk to God

Thank God for each person whom you love and for each person who loves you.

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