31 Samuel listens to God

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from 1 Samuel 3:10b.

How do you know if it’s your friend on the phone when you can’t see them?

Have you ever thought that God was speaking out loud to you?

How can reading the Bible help us to hear God? What about going to church or being with Christian friends? How does praying help God speak to us?

Can you think of any other ways in which God speaks?


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The story so far…

In Bible times, it was expected that all married women would have babies. If they did not have a child, they felt ashamed. Hannah was a woman with no child, so she prayed to God and promised that, if she had a son, her boy would be a servant of God. She had a son, Samuel, and he went to serve in the house of God, known as the tabernacle or the Temple. There he worked for the old priest Eli. Samuel learned a lot from Eli, and was always ready to listen to what Eli said.  

Now read 1 Samuel 3:1–10 together.


What happened next…

Samuel had no good news for Eli! Because Eli had not taught his own two sons in God’s way, he would be the last judge in his family. Samuel told Eli everything that God had said, and he continued to be faithful to God, even if the messages he had to bring to people were not always pleasant. Because of his faithfulness, Samuel became an important person for God, leading God’s people.

God knew that his people soon would ask for a strong leader, a king, as they wanted to be like all their neighbours.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 48 together.


Did you know…?

Samuel This boy’s name means “name of God” or “a godly name”.

Shiloh When the Israelites took over the land that God had promised, they took the tent of meeting or tabernacle with them. It was set up at a place called Shiloh. Over time, the tent became replaced with a more permanent place, where Samuel lived and slept.

Judge Samuel became the last of the judges or leaders of God’s people. Until now, the Israelites had not been like other nations because they did not have kings. God was their king – but that was about to change.

Try it out

How does God speak to people today? Find a large sheet of paper and, together with your Bible Coach, write down as many ways as you can think of.

Here are some ideas that you may have on your poster:

  • through the Bible
  • by the Holy Spirit speaking to our sense of right and wrong
  • through our friends
  • through our leaders
  • with visions and dreams

Think of times when you know that God has spoken to you. On your poster, draw a circle around those ways. Talk about those times with you Bible coach.

God speaks in different ways, and sometimes we don’t hear clearly. We can always check to see what the Bible says, ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, and ask other Christians to help us hear God clearly. The important thing is to be ready to listen and obey God, whenever he speaks to us.


Talk to God

Think very carefully: do you want God to use you? If you do, use Samuel’s prayer and say, “Here I am, Lord.”

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