80 Shipwrecked!

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from Acts 27:25.

 Are you cool, calm or practical? Are you hasty or panicky?

Can you think of a situation that scares you or gets you in a panic? How do you cope in a crisis?

Does God hear our cries for help? How do we know?

God answers our prayers in lots of ways. How many can you think of?


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The story so far…

Paul went to Jerusalem and started talking about Jesus in the great Temple there. The Jewish leaders were against him and soon they had Paul put in prison. He asked to have his case tried in Rome. That meant a sea voyage – but it was the season for storms and bad weather…

Now read Acts 27:20–26,39–44 together.


What happened next…

They had landed safely on the island of Malta and stayed there through the rest of the winter. In the spring, they set sail once again and arrived in Rome, with no further problems. Paul was there for two years and wrote many letters to churches and friends.


Explore the Bible

Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 102 together.


Did you know…?

Roman citizen Paul was attacked by a group of Jewish men who did not like him talking about Jesus – but it was Paul who was arrested! He was a Roman citizen, which meant that he had to be treated with respect and could ask to go to Rome to state his case.

Shipping Paul sailed to Rome on a ship carrying corn, probably from Egypt. Luke was travelling with him and records all sorts of details about the weather, who was on board and how well the crew sailed the ship.

Autumn storms Paul was used to travelling by boat and warned against setting sail in the autumn. They sailed anyway and the boat was wrecked in a fierce gale that blew for days. The crew and passengers all reached dry land on Malta – and then waited until after the winter before continuing the journey.

Try it out

Paul went through many dangers and hardships in his life such as floods, robbers, imprisonment and shipwrecks. Despite all these difficulties, he carried on speaking about his faith wherever he went.

With your Bible coach, find out about a mission partner who kept working for God, even when things got tough or dangerous.

One famous missionary was Gladys Aylward. She kept working for God, even though people and situations made it difficult. She did not pass the exams she needed to become a missionary but she was sure that it was what God wanted her to be. So she got a job as a servant in a big house and saved all her money. Then she travelled to China from England, by train, boat and mule. She was determined to tell others about Jesus. She set up an inn where many travellers would stop to rest and she brought the Bible to a land where it had never been available before. Gladys would not give up! She kept working for God, whatever the difficulties.


Talk to God

Which part of this Bible story do you like best? Talk to God about it.

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