Talk Together

Here’s what happened when Hattie and her godfather, Jonathan, read this Bible story together.

Hattie is 8 and lives in England. She doesn’t like vegetables!

Hattie wanted to know: ‘Why did they eat a meal after they threw Joseph down the well?’




Jonathan replied:

‘When Joseph went to visit his brothers, it is quite likely that he would have taken them some food.

Out in the fields, where they were looking after the sheep, there wouldn’t be any shops to buy food from. The brothers would have taken some food with them. When they had eaten that, they would need food to be sent from home.

When Joseph arrived, they would have been careful to take the food from him before pushing him down the well. I think they then sat down to eat it while it was still fresh.’

And, of course, pushing someone down a well is hard work, so they would have been hungry!


Here’s what happened when Camila and her mother, Natalia, read this Bible story together.

Camila is 10 years old and lives in Argentina. She enjoys adventure stories and swimming.

Camila wondered: Why did they sell him for so little money?




Natalia replied: How much do you think a person is worth, Camila?

Camila said: Millions and millions… Priceless!

Natalia agreed: Yes, I believe Jesus would say that a person is worth more than all the money of the world. Although back in those days people were sold as slaves for a few coins.

But I think Joseph’s brothers were not interested in money, their greatest desire was to get rid of their brother. They could not stand how he boasted about himself or how their father Jacob preferred him. That is why they considered killing him.

Things like these happen today too. But nothing justifies killing another person. God does not approve it, it is a sin.

If there are problems, God can help us find the right solutions!

What would you say?

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  • Eileen

    I can’t find the answer to the talk together question from Hattie mentioned on page 23 of the Big Bible Challenge book. How do I search for it? I can only find the question from Camila and Natalia’s reply which is very good.

    • The answer to Hattie’s question was not on the website before but has now been added. You will find it on the same page as Camila and Natalia.

  • Lynsey

    I think that they could have been celebrating because they

    were happy that he was in the pit and now they

    had his coat of OH so many colors!

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