38 Solomon’s Temple

Start the challenge by finding and reading a Bible verse from 1 Kings 8:20.

Find five things that are important to you. Put them in front of you. Why do they mean so much to you? What would it be like if they were taken away?

What is the most important thing to you?

Where does God fit in?


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The story so far…

For many years, God’s people had worshipped God and come with their sacrifices in different places. They wanted to have one place where they could do all these important things and where they could keep the Covenant Box. They planned to have a house for the Lord God, like the tabernacle they had on their way from Egypt to the land that God had promised to them.

Solomon’s father, King David, wanted to build a temple in Jerusalem, but God did not allow him to do so. That was Solomon’s task. He built a very beautiful and impressive temple.

Now read 1 Kings 8:17–30 together.


What happened next…

God was faithful to his people, even when they disobeyed him. Solomon knew this but he also knew that he was clever and wise. As he grew older, he often forgot to ask for God’s will.

Solomon married a lot of women. Many of them did not believe in the one true God. Solomon’s heart also turned away from God and he built altars for idols.

When Solomon died, he had been king of Israel for 40 years. His son Rehoboam followed him, but did not listen to God either. After a short time, Israel was divided in two kingdoms: Israel and Judah.


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Answer the questions from Big Bible Challenge page 54 together.



Did you know…?

Cherubim No one is sure what these heavenly creatures looked like. It is thought that they were four-legged, with golden wings and human faces. They “guarded” the most holy part of the Temple and the Covenant Box.

Cedar wood The wood used to build the Temple came from Lebanon. Trees were cut down, tied together as rafts and floated by sea to Israel. Cedar wood is expensive and has a strong smell.

Stone 80,000 men worked at cutting stone to build the Temple. They had to do all their work at the quarry and only bring finished lumps of stone to the Temple. There was no noise of building.

The Sea Outside the Temple there were huge bronze basins filled with water. The largest was called the “Sea”.

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The Temple symbolised God, his forgiveness and authority, and it was a place of prayer. The Covenant Box was placed in the Most Holy Place. It represented God’s agreement with Israel. Inside it were the pieces of stone with the rules that God had given to Moses, manna (the miraculous food that God had sent the people to eat while they were living in the desert) and the stick that had changed into a snake. (See Challenge 4.)

Imagine that you have a sacred chest to show what’s important between you and God. What five things would you put inside it? Why?


Talk to God

Draw a picture of the place to which you go to worship God with others or where you meet to hear more about him. Then ask God to bless all the people who worship there.

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