Talk together Old Testament

  • It’s hard to understand and take in the story about the tower of Babel.

    Why did God not want them to build the tower?

    I’d really like to know what people think.

    • Robert’s Question is a very good one. It deserves a grown up answer. The tower of Babel was built by people who thought they were more clever than God and didn’t need God at all. Lots of children and grown ups think this. God doesn’t stop badness growing in people but He does slow it down. God wanted Jesus to be born before men and women got too clever and too bad. Sin and badness makes clever people do terrible things. The news on TV shows how really bad we can be. So God slowed down the speed men and women could learn things by introducing foreign languages. If people didn’t understand each other they couldn’t plot against God and do Horrible History stuff with modern weapons early on in our human story. The baby church could teach people to be born again, love Jesus and forgive each other. If God hadn’t done this World War II could have happened before the time of Abraham. King David might have had the Atom Bomb.

  • The thing about David and Goliath is faith and trust. David trusted God. Goliath trusted Goliath. Goliath cared about Goliath. David cared about God. So God did stuff behind the scenes and Goliath came to a sticky end. It is not good to boast or to argue with God. It is a good job God loves us even when we are bad.

  • Catherine Parnell

    Did anyone manage to translate the German answer to Harry’s question? I see the calls to read that answer appear to remain unheeded since July 2011!

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