God’s armour

Here’s what happened when Dan and his dad, Mike, read ‘God’s armour’ together.


Dan, 9, loves football and playing the drums.

Dan wanted to know: What are the fiery arrows? Do they hurt?



Mike explained: They are things like temptations and discouragements that the devil fires at us, such as trying to make us believe lies about ourselves or about others, to put us down and hurt our faith. These fiery arrows also try to stop us doing what God wants us to do – like telling others about the good news of Jesus, and enjoying our friendship with God.

And Dan wondered: Why did they use ‘armour’ to represent faith and righteousness and all those things?

Mike suggested: Armour is used to represent God’s tools to protect us against the devil and his evil tricks to distract us and discourage us from following God’s ways for our lives. It is illustrated as a spiritual battle – not against people but against spiritual powers for bad.

What would you say?

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Micah and his dad, Marc, read this Bible story together.

7-year old Micah loves soccer and riding his bike.

Micah asked: What actually is the armour of God, in real life?




Marc answered: Paul is not talking about armour you can touch or physically put on. He is talking about things we can do in our spiritual life (spiritual life is how we connect to God) that will help us fight against the unseen enemies that are always ready to attack us. These actions we take help us rely on God for strength and protection from those attacks. For example, the belt of truth means holding on to the truths God has given us like: God is in control, and God is more powerful that Satan. By putting on this ‘belt’ we are reminded to remember the truth, remind ourselves of the truth often and then live like this is true. The battle may go something like this: Satan attacks with the lie that you must have more stuff to be happy (a lot times he does not need to attack with this, it is something our sinful part holds onto). The truth is that we should be content with what we have and trust God to provide what we need (Philippians 4:12; Matthew 6:25-34), so we remind ourselves of the truth and ask God to wrap that truth around your heart (like a belt) and then make decisions based on those truths, like not ask for more shoes when you have a few pairs of good ones. So remember to put on the armor of God. This is the best way to fight the battles of life.

What would you say?

Share your own questions and answers with others taking the Big Bible Challenge.

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