The flood

Talk together

Here’s what happened when Charis and her mum, Fiona, read this Bible story together from the Good News Bible.

 Charis is a 10-year-old girl who is mad about animals; she loves friends, cooking, going on the computer and reading.

Charis said: “What’s a convent… oh, covent… errr, covenant? And what does ‘ritually’ mean?”

So there are two words that are problems, really: “covenant” and “ritually”.

 Fiona explained: “A covenant is a promise – often an important promise, like one between a man and his wife at a wedding, or between God and people that we hear about in the Bible.

“‘Ritually’ is to do with being part of a ceremony or something that gets done in a particular way. The animals that were ritually clean were animals that God had said were OK to eat and touch – according to the Jewish laws at that time.”

 What would you say?

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