The fall

Talk together

Here’s what happened when Joshua and his father, Wale, read ‘The fall’ together.


Nine-year-old Joshua enjoys playing chess, writing and reading, cycling and tennis, and being in the countryside.


Joshua asked: “Why does Satan want to kill everyone just because he is not king?”



Wale answered: “I think it is because Satan is a very evil person and whenever he sees good he does his best to destroy it. Satan does not want God’s children to prosper. It might be because he is so consumed with jealously and has no respect for the children of God, and even for God himself. Satan and God are the opposite. God is good and love. Satan is the opposite of good and the opposite of love. God protects people; Satan is willing to kick people when they are down. God wants us to be like him, he wants us to respect ourselves, others and of course God.

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