Believe it: do it!

Here’s what happened when Lexie and her mom, Natalie, read this Bible story together.

Lexie is 10. She dances and loves horseback riding.

Lexie said: “Does verse 17 mean that when there are people who are in need and you don’t get involved with helping them, but you just say nice things to make them feel better, you are not really helping them at all?”



Natalie answered: “When God brings people across your path who have a physical, emotional or spiritual need, God wants us to take the time necessary to help them in any way we can. Saying nice things to make them feel better is only the start of ministering to people in need. God wants us to put our words into action and do things to help others, just like he wants us to put our faith into action by displaying the fruits of the Spirit each and every day of our lives. When we back up our words with our actions, it shows what our hearts’ desires truly are.”


What would you say?

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