Not alone

Here’s what happened when James and his friend, Wendy, read ‘Not alone’ together.

 James is 12, likes soccer, cycling and 4-wheel drive holidays.

 James wondered: How did Jacob know it was God and not just like any other dream I have?




Wendy explained: We have lots of dreams – and some of them are really weird. But when God wants to communicate with us, he does it in ways that make us know that it’s really him. He doesn’t want us to be confused. So I think that Jacob would have known for sure that this dream was different. All around the world even today, there are stories of God talking to people through dreams.


What would you say?

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  • Lynsey

    I think that in the dream God could be talking to Jacob like “Jacob… I am your God and I am allways with you. I never leave you. I am with you everywhere you go.”

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