The Last Supper

Here’s what happened when Sam and his mum, Rachel, read this Bible story together.

 Sam is 12 years old and he lives in Australia and loves playing soccer and surfing.

Sam asked: “Why would Jesus keep the traitor with him?”




Rachel answered: “Jesus chose real people to be his followers – people who made mistakes, like you and me – to make it very clear that he didn’t just come for ‘good’ people. Judas stole money and told Mary off for washing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume. He lied and, ultimately, trapped Jesus for the Pharisees, which led to his death on the cross. I think Jesus chose Judas to be a follower because he wanted us to know that we are all loved by God, even when we don’t live his way. But just as Judas had to live with the consequences of the choices he made in his life, so do we.

What would you say?

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