Here’s what happened when Kes and her Sunday School helper, Jenny, read this Bible story together.


Kes is 11 and lives in North Wales

Kes asked: “Did Naomi find anyone, a husband? And why was it so important to carry on the family name in those days?”



Jenny answered: “The Bible doesn’t tell us what happened to Naomi after this time except that Ruth married the rich farmer Boaz so Naomi would, traditionally, live with them and presumably be well looked after. In parts of the world now the grannies live with their married children and look after the grandchildren while parents work. I’ve seen a lot of such families in China. It wouldn’t occur to granny to look for a new husband; she’d be happy living with her family and expect to do so for the rest of her life. She’d be fed and clothed and have a comfortable home and family to care for her if she got ill and when she was very old.
“About the family name: It was just one of those things people thought was very important in those days. I know someone who has put two surnames together when they got married so their family will remember and be proud of both names. The wonderful part of this story is that one of Ruth and Boaz’s descendants, many centuries later, was a very special person indeed – Jesus.”

Kes thought: “You’re never too old to find happiness. Perhaps she did find someone.”

What would you say?

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