Here’s what happened when Anthony and his mum, Ruth, read this Bible story together.


Anthony is 12 years old and he loves running.

Anthony asked: “Why did the people on the boat throw Jonah into the water?”



Ruth answered: “Jonah told them to throw him in. Jonah knew that it was his fault that God had sent the storm because he was trying to run away from the Lord and that if the people threw him overboard, then the storm would stop and the people would be safe.”

Anthony wondered: “Why was God going to destroy Nineveh?”

Ruth suggested: “In Jonah’s time, Nineveh was a heathen city with a reputation for cruelty. God did not want to destroy it. Instead, he wanted the people to repent and turn to him. That is why he sent Jonah to preach to them. God wanted Jonah to warn the people of Nineveh that he would destroy them if they did not repent. Nineveh repented and God turned from the destruction he had earlier declared.”

What would you say?

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