David and Saul

Talk together

Here’s what happened when Ruth and her Sunday School teacher, Elaine, read this Bible story together.


Ruth and her twin sister Sarah go to a small Sunday School in North Wales.

Ruth asked: “Why go to the toilet in a cave and why was David at the back, and why cut off a bit of cloth?”


Elaine answered: “A cave would be private. Caves in that part of the country were huge, so hundreds of people could fit in. David was probably hiding in the deepest part as he knew Saul was hunting him in order to kill him. It was just bad luck Saul and his army entered the same cave. He cut off a piece of Saul’s robe to show how easy it would have been to kill Saul: he’d got so close. He found he couldn’t kill Saul – even though some of his followers wanted him to – because Saul was the king. I have a feeling – I’ll have to look it up when I get home – that a person’s cloak was somehow special, so chopping a bit off had some sort of special significance.”

What would you say?

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Ruth’s friends at Sunday School talked about this story.


 Lily thought: “It would be sad to kill the king.”




Sarah said: “David was brave; he stood up for himself when he went out to talk to Saul.” 






and Nathan and Max thought the part about the toilet was funny.





Eve knew: “David couldn’t kill the king or God would be cross with him.”

Ruth wondered: “Did David keep the piece of cloth?”

Sarah suggested: “Perhaps Saul sewed it back on!”

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