Samuel listens to God

Here’s what happened when Simon and his dad, Paul, read this Bible story together.


Simon is 6 and lives in England.

Simon said: “My trickiest question ever is: ‘How can I hear God?’”



Paul answered: “You probably already do, but sometimes it can be hard to recognise it is God talking – just like Samuel did not recognise when God was calling him. Although we can sometimes hear God talking directly to us, like he did with Samuel, we more often hear him in other ways. God will sometimes tell us something from the story we’ve just read in the Bible. Other times, God will use other people to tell us things.

 “For me, the way God talks to me the most often, is through a still small voice inside. If, for example, I am thinking about doing something that is wrong, God can make me feel uneasy about it.

 “We all need to practise listening to God and recognising when he is talking to us.”

 What would you say?

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