The fall of Jericho

Here’s what happened when Oliver and his dad, Pete, read this Bible story together.


Oliver is 8 years old. He loves to visit the sea.

Oliver’s question about this story was: “Why did they make the walls fall down? I know that the people were naughty, but why did they destroy the city as well?”



Pete’s reply was: “You are right that God will not accept bad things and there are other stories in the Bible when God had to do something to get rid of wickedness – like the big flood when Noah built his ark. Jericho was a big city with a king and was in the land that God promised to give to his people. Jericho was a rich and powerful place, and I guess the king and the people living there were proud of their strength. They did not believe that God is really in charge of the whole world. God helped Joshua and the Israelites to totally destroy the city so that people could see God is really in charge (he is much stronger than the big walls) and it helped to remind the Israelites that when God is with them they do not have to be afraid of anything.”

What would you say?

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