Telling the good news

Here’s what happened when Hannah and her dad, Chip, read this Bible story together.


Hannah is 11 years old and she lives in Pennsylvania.

Hannah asked: “Why would Paul go back into Lystra (v 20) if he was already there and, plus, they hurt him so bad the first time?”



Chip responded: “The apostle Paul knew that the people of Lystra still needed to hear the gospel. God gave him this mission to preach to the nations even though it was very dangerous. Although he was almost killed the first time, Paul trusted in God to protect him. His faith in God, and his belief that through many trials and hardships a person enters the kingdom of heaven, was critical to his decision to go back to Lystra. The Bible also says that he did this to strengthen the souls of the other disciples. Paul was their mentor and wanted to confirm to them his commitment in following the commands of Christ, no matter how dangerous the situation.”

What would you say?

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