Here’s what happened when Amber and her grammy, Janet, read this Bible story together.

 Amber is 9 and is goalie for her soccer team.

 Amber asked: “Why couldn’t he control himself?”




Janet answered: “Joseph hadn’t seen his brothers for a very long time and was so emotional about seeing them that he screamed for everyone but his brothers to leave. He wanted to talk to his brothers all by themselves.”

Amber asked: “But why did his brothers sell him?”

Janet answered: “When Joseph was a young man, he was his father’s favorite. His father made him a coat of many colours. His brothers were very jealous of him getting the coat. Their father had never given them a beautiful coat.  They decided to get rid of Joseph by selling him to the Egyptians to be their slave. He hadn’t seen his brothers for many years.”

What would you say?

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