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Here’s what happened when Timothy and his mom, Kristel, read this Bible story together, from the New International Version of the Bible.

Timothy is 9 and lives in America.

Timothy wanted to know what “gangrene” is, in verse 17.




Kristel explained: “According to the dictionary, gangrene means ‘decay (rotting or going bad) of tissues in a part of the body when the blood supply is obstructed (slowed or stopped) by injury or disease’.

“Paul is warning Timothy about false teaching. It will spread, rot, destroy, and stink-up the Church. In this passage, Hymenaeus and Philetus are saying that the resurrection of Jesus did not really happen. We know this is a lie. False teachers can make some doubt the truth about Jesus.

“Paul goes on to encourage believers to stay away from things that take the focus off the Lord [quarrelling about words (v 14); godless chatter (v 16); evil desires (v 22); foolish and stupid arguments (v 23); quarrelling and resentment (v 24); instead pursue righteous, faith, love and peace (v 22)].

“Gangrene is just plain gross! This is how we should look at sin!”

What would you say?

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