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Here’s what happened when Nat and his mum, Kate, read this Bible story together. They read the story from the New International Version Bible.

 Nat lives in Queensland, in Australia.

Nat asked: “What’s ‘the destroyer’? Is it like a robot with guns?”




Kate answered: “Nat, the Bible doesn’t describe the destroyer, but we understand that it is God. We can tell that from verse 29 when it says, ‘At midnight, the Lord struck down all the firstborn…’ God was so mad at the Egyptians because he had given them plenty of warning to let his people go, and they just refused again and again. Sometimes, and especially in the Old Testament times, God did wipe out people who were stuck in their sin and who were totally refusing to do the right thing. Maybe it’s true that being stuck in their sin was actually much worse than just being wiped out?”

 What would you say?

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  • I love this question!
    It shows that Nat has grasped the Bible story perfectly. He accepts that God can do this. He does not worry about whether it’s right or wrong, or even argue about the animals being hurt. He understands the story and that God is incredibly powerful.
    He just wants to know how it happened!
    What was the mechanism?
    And he has interpreted the Bible in the light of his own knowledge and experience.

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